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Become a Certified Fairyologist!

In Doreen Virtue's exciting and entertaining new video course, you'll learn all about the fairies, including their history, lineage, myths, multi-cultural aspects, other elementals, and how to connect with and receive messages from fairies, including how to see and photograph fairies. After watching the videos, you'll take an online test and receive your frameable certificate. You'll also have the option of being listed as a Fairyologist on Doreen's website, to support you giving fairy workshops and fairy readings.

Taught by Doreen Virtue, author of Fairies 101, Healing With the Fairies, Magical Messages From the Fairies Oracle Cards, co-author of Fairy Tarot, and columnist for Fae Magazine. Doreen has been connecting with fairies since she was a little girl. An avid environmentalist, Doreen believes that the more of us who connect with fairies, the more power the elementals have to protect and heal our air, water, and earth.


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Certified Fairyologist Course Itinerary

The Fairyologist Course consists of 35 videos. We recommend watching them in order. Take your time and watch the videos as often as you want.

The required textbook for the Fairyologist course is Fairies 101, which Hay House is discounting to $5 US. Click Here To Purchase  or you can read the e-book.


  1. Introduction to the Fairyologist course
  2. Origins of the word “Fairy”
  3. Who and what are the fairies
  4. What do fairies look like?
  5. Do fairies have egos?
  6. What do fairies eat?
  7. The relationship of fairies to animals
  8. Fairies, religion, and spirituality
  9. Celtic fairies
  10. Crystals and fairies
  11. Fairy circles
  12. Fairy kings and queens
  1. Multi-cultural fairies
  2. Green Man
  3. Menehunes
  4. Rock people
  5. Incarnated elementals
  6. Air elementals
  7. Water elementals
  8. Fire elementals
  9. The tooth fairy
  10. Unicorns
  11. Djin and Genies
  12. Pixies
  1. Gnomes
  2. Elves
  3. Connecting with fairies
  4. How to see and photograph fairies
  5. Creating a fairy garden
  6. Fairy cards
  7. Living as a Fairyologist
  8. Working as a Fairyologist
  9. How to give a Fairy Reading
  10. Demonstration of Doreen giving Fairy Readings
  11. Final video with test information